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Dedicated or Universal?

The decision to buy a universal bench or a dedicated bench is a tough one. We don’t know what the industry is going to throw at us but if you have both bases covered you will be ahead of the game. A quality bench is a 20 year plus machine and you don’t want to make the wrong decision one way or another. Today many manufactures like Audi, Bentley, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan GTR, Porsche, and VW prefer and in some case require the use of Celette dedicated fixture to repair their vehicles. Regardless of vehicle type when repairing structural damage a fixture bench is always the fastest and most accurate choice and Celette has fixtures for most domestic and imported vehicles that you can either purchase or rent from local rental banks.

If you mostly make repairs using a measuring system or tram gauge then these types of repairs can be done on any of the Celette benches. We can provide you with one Celette bench that you can make small universal repairs on. For medium to large hits you can do dedicated repairs using jigs from our rental bank. If your local dealer who you do work for starts to sell a specialized vehicle that requires dedicated fixtures like the Nissan GTR you will be ready to go with minimum investment. No other bench can provide you with both options. As car manufactures require tighter tolerances and the body repair industry talks of liability and accountability the time for a serious bench is now. Don’t struggle trying to find a way to hold on to the vehicle to isolate the damage, install a Celette, purpose built jig. Ask your self or your techs how many times they have made their own jigs to hold a car in place and how long it took.

Don’t spend time advancing fenders and playing with doors to get the gaps right, the jigs do this for you. Did you know that all the frames of the Celette benches are the same? That means you can start with a Sevenne competionion package with one puller and sill clamps and upgrade it to a mobile griffon or a griffon on base or a griffon in ground just by adding the upper and lower lifts. If you want to repair trucks then add the Tetrac holding system for trucks and frame vehicle. For electronic measuring add the NAJA measuring system.

Always remember: Doing it right the first time is always quicker and buying the right bench is cheaper in the long run.

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